Direct Screen Colonoscopy Program™

The Direct Screen Colonoscopy Program™ is a patient-centered, hassle free approach to colon screening. In this program, the patient skips the doctor's office visit that typically precedes the colonoscopy and goes directly to Baylor Surgicare of Plano for the procedure. The reality is that most people do not want to have a colonoscopy. Through the Direct Screen Colonoscopy Program™, we have removed the most common barriers or 'excuses' to give patients a better option for screening colonoscopy and by doing so, we are saving lives.

  • Save time: Skip the specialist’s office visit
  • Save money: No specialist office visit = no specialist copay
  • Save hassle: One appointment and it's done

The program, led by Dr. L.A. Torres, F.A.C.P., is the first of its kind for Plano and surrounding communities. Dr. Torres provides enduring health care for the whole adult patient, including colon screenings. He has performed thousands of successful colon screenings over the last twenty years.

The evidence is clear- colon screening saves lives. Colon cancer is highly curable if caught early.

To be considered for the Direct Screen Colonoscopy Program™, a patient must:

  1. No changes in bowel habits.
  2. No rectal bleeding.
  3. No abdominal pain.

For more information on the Direct Screen Colonoscopy Program™, please call our office at 214-919-2350 or click here to request an appointment. You may also click the image below to view a brochure about the program.

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