Meet Dr. Torres

Meet Dr. Torres

Dr. L.A. Torres Jr., a native Texan and Internal Medicine physician in Plano, Texas, believes in taking care of his patients needs by utilizing a comprehensive approach that provides for enduring health care for adults. He was taught to treat the 'whole' patient and has applied that philosophy to his practice for over 20 years, significantly reducing the fragmentation of health care services to his patients.

Active Listening

In addition to the science behind his medical training and as a Fellow in the American College of Physicians, Dr. Torres also employs active listening with each patient interaction. It is through active listening that Dr. Torres is able to find clues as to illness or future illness. He probes each patient story and unique history to find the right solution for their concerns and helps them reach their individual goals for a healthier, happier life.

Helping Patients Feel Better

Dr. Torres has dedicated many hours of advanced study to help a multitude of patients feel better and is open minded in working with other available modalities including vitamins/supplements, B12, hormones, physical therapy and acupuncture, to name a few. Additionally, Dr. Torres has over twenty years of experience performing colonoscopies and endoscopy procedures related to gastrointestinal evaluations including colon cancer screening and acid reflux.

Serving Future Generations of Medical Providers

Advanced study for the benefit of his patients is not end of Dr. Torres' contribution to professional medical education. By serving in a teaching capacity for students from all the medical schools and physician assistant programs throughout the state, Dr. Torres is able to provide clinical and professional insight to future generations of medical providers.

Focusing on Personal Health and Family

In addition to staying on the cutting edge of natural treatment and supplements to benefit the whole adult patient in his practice, Dr. Torres also stays focused on his personal health by engaging in his personal hobbies; exercise, martial arts, scuba diving and yoga.

Dr. Torres loves being a husband and father and takes great pride in the accomplishments of his family.

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